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How to Harness your Body Intelligence, Starting from the Inside

Body intelligence is a psychological method that stresses the importance of awareness of body sensations in order to improve your health, keep stress to a minimum and understand what your mind and body want and need to stay well. The key theme of body intelligence is awareness, tuning
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An Introduction to the Encyclopedia of Positive Psychology

“This Encyclopedia embodies what is known in this new discipline today. It is a ‘must have’ reference for anyone interested in the field of positive psychology.” – Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D., Fox Leadership Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania The Encyclopedia of Posit
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How to Use Mental Contrasting to Fulfil your Wishes

“Positive thinking fools our minds into perceiving that we’ve already attained our goal, slackening our readiness to pursue it.” –Gabriele Oettingen (2014)   “Think Positive”. At some point, someone has probably given you some variation of this popular adage. It is the mott
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How to Get your Desired Behaviour using Operant Conditioning

“If you want a different result you have to choose a different behaviour.” – Dr. Phil   In behavioral psychology, reinforcement is a method of increasing the likelihood of a given behavior. Broadly, there are two types of reinforcement: positive and negative. In this articl
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