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Positive reinforcement classroom

Using Positive Reinforcement in the Classroom (5 Examples and Activities)

It wasn’t too long ago that school-rooms were places of stern words and plentiful discipline. It was commonplace for teachers to use harsh punishment, even including using the cane! Now, however, it is recognized that there are more effective ways to teach and to manage classrooms. Te
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Positive Psychology Interventions

19 Best Positive Psychology Interventions + How to Apply Them

For many years, the prime focus of psychology was to diagnose and treat people with mental health problems and psychopathological issues. In 1998, pioneers Dr. Martin Seligman and Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi popularized the concept of positive psychology, an offshoot of clinical psych
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What is meliorism

What is Meliorism? Global and Social Meliorism Explained

When you hear the word ‘meliorism‘ what comes to mind? There are many -isms in the world. What distinguishes meliorism from things like pessimism, optimism, humanism, and pluralism? Who influenced our thinking in these areas? What part do we, or don’t we play in meli
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positive psychology books

10 Must-Read Positive Psychology Books

As extensive as this list of positive psychology books may be, it will never be ‘finished’ or ‘complete’. To make the list as valuable as possible, your contribution is not only greatly appreciated, but necessary. So in case you know of any positive psychology books that aren’t yet fe
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