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resilience in positive psychology

Resilience in Positive Psychology: Bouncing Back & Going Strong

The subject of resilience in positive psychology deals with the ability to cope with whatever life throws at you. Some people can be knocked down by life and return as a stronger person than ever before. These people are called resilient. A resilient person works through challenges by
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Challenging Gossip: Creating a Cohesive Workplace

Gossip is all around us– from magazine covers, tabloids, friendship circles and the workplace. This social engagement is often very hard to avoid, as it has been said: “up to two thirds of a conversation make references to an absent third party” -(Grosser et al., 2012). Gossip is defi
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Active Listening: The Art of Empathetic Conversation

Julian Treasure claims that we are losing our hearing. And he has a point! With personal broadcasting replacing the art of conversation, and silence becoming a scarce resource, we have forgotten how to listen. It is time to focus again and practise the skill of mindful listening. Not
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Help for the Helpers: A Caring Kick in the Ass from Louis Alloro

For nearly a decade, I’ve been working as a social entrepreneur in bringing positive psychology to the world – a practitioner in different iterations from an individual coach and organizational/leadership consultant, to working in a boutique firm with other coaches and consultants, as
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