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Explanatory Styles: How to Boost Optimism and Develop a Balanced Mindset

Is it more difficult to identify different shades of green, or the difference between green and blue? If you chose the second task, I’m betting you weren’t raised in the Himba tribe of northern Namibia. This is because the Himba color naming system differs drastically from
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The Psychology of Teamwork: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teams

There’s an old saying among sports coaches: “A champion team will defeat a team of champions.” However, as much as we all admire the ideals of teamwork and connectedness there’s also the alternative notion of the “rugged individual” or the “prima donna” who stands out from
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Our Team of Positive Psychology Practitioners

Seph Fontane Pennock Co-founder of Positive Psychology Program @SephFontane Homebase: The Netherlands Seph has a passion for positive psychology and a background in online marketing. Positive Psychology Program allows him to work at the intersection of these fields and utilise his str
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