spending money on others make us happy

How Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness

Consumers beware! What you’re spending your money on might not be bringing you the long-term happiness you deserve. Those brief bursts of happy neurotransmitters when purchasing the latest gadget or trends are only temporary. As you will see, they don’t help the planet, and they won’t
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Gratitude for Kids

The Gratitude Tree for Kids (Incl. Activities + Drawings)

While teaching children to participate in the practice of gratitude can prove to be a bit of a task; the return on investment in their emotional well-being is unlimited and long term. Making gratitude fun and meaningful can introduce kids to a lifelong appreciation for the world aroun
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Is Happiness Genetic and what causes it

Is Happiness Genetic and What Causes It?

The study of happiness in science is relatively new on the scene. Concentrating scientific research on what is right with humans, rather than what is wrong has given vast amounts of new insight into well-being. While it is not a hard science, the past decades have had major advances i
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