benefits of music festivals

Positive Psychology and Music: The Power of Engagement at Music Festivals

How do you feel when you listen to music? Whether alone or with others, it is fascinating how powerfully music can engage the senses. Every culture shares one thing in common – music. Archeologists know this because they’ve discovered all types of instruments throughout th
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The psychology and theory behind flow

The Psychology and Theory Behind Flow

Have you ever been ‘in the zone?’ We all want to experience it. It’s intense, exhilarating, and satisfying. When we’re in the zone, or what researchers call ‘flow,’ we feel invisible. The theory behind flow is as popular as ever with researchers investigating its effects in several ar
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positive aging

What is Positive Aging? 10 Tips to Promote the Positive Aspects of Aging

How do you feel about growing old? For some, it’s a scary time filled with change and loneliness. But it doesn’t need to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t. We’re social creatures and growing old isn’t a solo sport. That’s what positive aging is all about
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What is meliorism

What is Meliorism? Global and Social Meliorism Explained

When you hear the word ‘meliorism‘ what comes to mind? There are many -isms in the world. What distinguishes meliorism from things like pessimism, optimism, humanism, and pluralism? Who influenced our thinking in these areas? What part do we, or don’t we play in meli
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