European Conference of Positive Psychology ECPP

What is The European Conference of Positive Psychology (ECPP)?

The European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP) was established in 2002 and was first held in London, England and have continued in Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark and Russia. The 8th ECPP was held last year from June 28th until July 1st in Angers, France. The purpose of the E
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LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: A Hands-on Approach to Positive Psychology

  Do you think we are able to better understand the elements that drive our well-being? How do we capture meaning, ensure learning and build collaboration so groups of people engage in the issues that strengthen their well-being? What would your well-being look like if you had to
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UK Applied Positive Psychology Course 2017: Learn to Flourish with the Inntal Institute

Are you a professional looking for an opportunity to develop your positive psychology skills? The first certified on-site program in Applied Positive Psychology for Professionals in the UK will start in 2017 with the Inntal Institute, The program offers certification as Professional o
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Amsterdam Positive Psychology Course

Amsterdam’s Positive Psychology International Minor Programme

The course will focus on the basic areas of research in positive psychology and the methods that researchers use to study aspects of positive psychology. Simultaneously, you will apply this knowledge in the real world of the City of Amsterdam to develop your practical skills. In the f
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psychology of happiness fulfillment course coursera

A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment Coursera Course Starts March 14th

Attention all positive psychology enthusiasts! A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment is an free online course provided by Coursera to help you live a better life and learn more. Guest appearances include Barbara Fredrickson, Ed Diener, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and more. About this cours
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SWIPPA conference

SWIPPA: A Review on the 2nd Annual Conference

It was only the 2nd annual conference of Zurich-based Swippa (Swiss Association of Positive Psychology), yet the host was able to welcome almost 100 hundred participants from different backgrounds to the event held Friday, November 27th. The aim of the event was to share the latest fi
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Date With Destiny 2014 Florida Boca Raton

Date With Destiny @ Boca Raton, Florida 2014

This December, for 6 days, I have been so lucky to be a part of an Anthony Robbins seminar called ‘Date with Destiny‘ in Boca Raton, Florida. Let me tell you upfront: it was extraordinary and I highly recommend you to attend one of his seminars sometime. The sooner you go,
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positive psychology coursera course

Positive Psychology Coursera Course Starts in February 2015

Finally! A Coursera course on positive psychology! After the EdX’s Science of Happiness course (GG101x), lots of eager students have been waiting for a professional MOOC on positive psychology to arrive. Luckily, award-winning positive psychology researcher, author of the book &
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