Daniel gilbert

Daniel Gilbert: The Expert on Predicting Happiness

“All important decisions—are based on predictions about how the different options will make us feel.” (Wilson & Gilbert, 2003) Daniel Gilbert is a Harvard psychologist and professor, author of New York Time’s bestselling book “Stumbling on Happiness” (which has b
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Dr willibald ruch psychology of humor

The Psychology of Humor: Interviewing Prof. Dr. Willibald Ruch

Professor Ruch, you have been researching humor for over three decades. What are you currently working on? We are actually aiming to fill a research gap which has existed for decades. While there have been several studies focusing on humor since the 1980s, this topic has never actuall
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Professor Mitch Prinstein - Psychology of popularity

The Psychology of Popularity: An interview with Dr. Mitch Prinstein

The following is an interview with Dr. Mitch Prinstein, a distinguished Professor of Psychology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Prinstein is the professor of the online coursera course on the psychology of popularity. This interview is about Prinstein’s resea
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founding fathers of positive psychology

The 5 Founding Fathers and A History of Positive Psychology

After the Second World War, the focus of psychology was on treating abnormal behaviors and the resulting mental illnesses. Dissatisfied with this approach, humanist psychologists, such as Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, and Eric Fromm helped renew interest in the more positive aspects of
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Barbara Fredrickson coursera

Barbara Fredrickson Talks Science, Emotions, and Her New Course

“Many people are unaware that positive psychology is a science. What is positive psychology?“ Barbara Fredrickson: Positive psychology is both a movement and a science. The movement involves absolutely anyone who is interested in evidence-based approaches to improving well
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Edward diener dr happiness

Ed Diener: Dr. Happiness’ Life and Research

Known as “Dr. Happiness”, Ed Diener is famous for his research on subjective well-being, which includes happiness, life satisfaction and positive affect.  To him, happiness is not a destination, it is a process. He claimed that it is better to achieve happiness early in life because i
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daniel kahneman phd

Daniel Kahneman: Scholar. Professor. Nobel laureate.

Daniel Kahneman was born on March 5th, 1934 in Tel Aviv, British Mandate of Palestine known today as Israel, while his mother was visiting family in the region. He spent his youth in Paris, France where his mother and father had immigrated to in the 1920’s from Lithuania. His reason o
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