Delvina Miremadi-Baldino: Lessons From a Resilience Expert

Delvina Miremadi-Baldino: Lessons From a Resilience Expert

Welcome Delvina Miremadi-Baldino, you are the latest professional to join our team of developers of new positive psychology tools for the toolkit. What was your most important reason for joining? I am a professional working in the field of Positive Psychology, but more importantly, I
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Positive Psychotherapy: 5 Exercises and Tools for Counsellors and Therapists

Positive psychotherapy: the term almost seems self-contradictory. The word “psychotherapy” often evokes images of nerve-wracked patients reclining on couches, a stern therapist with furrowed brows and a notepad, and a deep uneasiness linked to the identification and analysis of every
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Adam Grant giver and taker

Adam Grant’s Give and Take: 8 Insights on Success and Generosity

Adam Grant is known as being the most popular full-time professor at the Wharton School. His popularity has gone far beyond educational institutions, as he managed to win accolades from Business Week and even Malcolm Gladwell. Apart from being one of the best writers and sociologists
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Positive Psychology Experiments

Positive Psychology Experiments: 6 Ways to Measure Well-being

When it comes to a field as broad-minded as positive psychology, there are several different types of research methods involved. For example, some positive psychology experiments might seek to simply measure participants’ levels of well-being, while others try to affect change to part
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The PERMA Model: Your Scientific Theory of Happiness

Everyone seems to be in the pursuit of happiness nowadays. There are many ways to reach happiness, though including training your mind for happiness, spending money on others to promote happiness, and following the code to well-being and happiness. Most of us think we know what happin
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what is self-determination theory

What is Self-Determination Theory? (+PDF)

Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is developed by researchers Edward L. Deci and Richard M. Ryan. This theory concerns with human motivation, personality, and optimal functioning. Rather than just the amount of motivation, self-determination theory focuses on different types of motivati
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Positive psychology interventions

12 Positive Psychology Interventions + 3 Ways To Find The One You Need

Positive Psychological Interventions (also known as Positive Psychology Interventions-PPIs) are theoretically-grounded and empirically-validated instructions, activities, and recommendations that are designed to enhance wellbeing (Lomas, Hefferon & Ivtzan, 2014). Moreover, PPIs fo
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BLOOM COMPANY: The South Korean Positive Psychology Success Is Now In Europe

In 2013 I had the privilege of meeting Junghyo Park in Madrid. We had both enrolled on IE Business School’s Positive Leadership and Strategy Executive MA program, at the time one of the very first such MA’s in Europe. It was also the first to be not just academic, but also experientia
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tiny wins technique builds gratitude

Celebrate the Tiny Wins: A Simple Way to Build Gratitude

Of all the emotionally positive states available to human beings, the feeling of gratitude is one of the greatest. When we feel grateful, any difficulties in our lives are swept away and all we’re left with is the utmost appreciation for everything that we have. What lacks clarity, ho
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Differences between Positive Psychology and The Mental Hygiene Movement

What is The Difference Between Positive Psychology and Mental Hygiene?

Some commenters such as Becker & Marecek, 2008 have pointed out the similarities between positive psychology and earlier social movements as a criticism that positive psychology is not revolutionary. One of these social psychology predecessors is the mental hygiene movement which
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Self awareness knowledge psychology

Why Self-Awareness Matters and How You Can be More Self-Aware

From the ancient Greek Aphorism “know thyself” to the western psychology, the topic of self-awareness has always been an intriguing subject of inquiry of philosophers and psychologists for the last century. This article contains: So What is Self-Awareness Exactly? Why Does Self-Awaren
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Boost your creativity

The Positive Psychology Of Creativity

It doesn’t take long to find a link between Positive Psychology and creativity, and research into the link between well being and creativity is constantly growing.  A quick look at the VIA framework reveals creativity to be one of its 24 signature strengths. More specifically, creativ
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positive nutrition

Positive Nutrition: How to Improve Well-Being Holistically

One of the main goals of positive psychology is to increase well-being in all aspects of a person’s life (see the Wheel of Life). There are all sorts of mental well-being to be identified such as motivational, relational, emotional, etc. Some of the factors that play into someone’s ph
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self confident

Building Self-Confidence: The How, When and Why’s

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – E.E. Cummings The self-esteem movement has swept through Western culture over the past 50 years, with parents and teachers alike doubling down o
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Positive Psychology Singapore

Positive Psychology in Singapore: A Positive Education Initiative

Proponents of positive psychology claim that a strength of the field is in how many different places it can be applied, and one region proving this to be true is Singapore. Several strands of positive psychology are being researched and applied in Singapore, particularly in with schoo
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journal of positive psychology

The Journal of Positive Psychology: Get Access to the Latest Articles!

The Journal of Positive Psychology is the first journal dedicated to positive psychology. It published six issues throughout the year and focuses on presenting the latest scientific findings on happiness, fulfilment, and flourishing. The Journal of Positive Psychology pools informatio
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