Character 2018

And the ‘Weasel Word for 2018’ is…

As 2018 draws to a close we can now nominate our weasel word for the year. The weasel word for 2018 is ‘character.’ Perhaps I should explain. Traditionally ‘character’ describes the qualities of a person or thing that defines it or makes it unique. For example,
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Environmental Psychology Theory

What is Environmental Psychology? (Theories + Examples)

The term “environmental psychology” might be a bit ambiguous or confusing to you; if it is, you’re certainly not alone. It’s not a very large field yet, but it has the potential to be one of the most impactful ones yet regarding the future of being human. If your interest is piqued, y
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What is Kaplan’s Attention Restoration Theory (ART)? Benefits + Criticisms

Spending time in nature, by watching a sunset, gazing at the ocean or mountains, sitting in a park, escaping to the countryside or a nature retreat, or even just spending a few minutes to stare out the window, provides us with the opportunity to rest, reflect, and restore our very sel
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misconceptions of clinical psychology

The 5 Misconceptions of a Weakness Focus

The question “What is wrong with people?” has guided the thinking of many psychologists and dominated countless scientific studies during the 20th century. It is hard to deny that it is an important question. In our attempts to answer the question, we have gained insight into many ill
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positive psychology

What is Positive Psychology & Why is it Important? Definition + Examples

If you’ve been hearing the term “positive psychology” thrown around a lot, but you’re not quite sure what it is, you’ve come to the right place! There are some common misconceptions about positive psychology, both about what it is and what it is not. To clear up some of these misunder
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The Big Five Personality Theory: The 5 Factor Model Explained (+PDF)

Big Five Personality Traits & The 5-Factor Model Explained [+PDF]

The big five personality traits are about the following question: ‘Who are you?’ It’s a simple question, but it can be difficult to answer. You could answer with your name, your job title, your place in relation to your family, your hobby or passion, where you’re from, or
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positive psychology experiments

Positive Psychology Experiments: 6 Ways to Measure Well-being

When it comes to a field as broad-minded as positive psychology, there are several different types of research methods involved. For example, some positive psychology experiments might seek to simply measure participants’ levels of well-being, while others try to affect change to part
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Boost your creativity

The Positive Psychology Of Creativity

It doesn’t take long to find a link between Positive Psychology and creativity, and research into the link between well being and creativity is constantly growing.  A quick look at the VIA framework reveals creativity to be one of its 24 signature strengths. More specifically, creativ
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positive nutrition

Positive Nutrition: How to Improve Well-Being Holistically

One of the main goals of positive psychology is to increase well-being in all aspects of a person’s life (see the Wheel of Life). There are all sorts of mental well-being to be identified such as motivational, relational, emotional, etc. Some of the factors that play into someone’s ph
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Positive Psychology and Depression

How Can Positive Psychology Help in The Treatment of Depression?

Positive psychology continues to grow in size, scope, and widespread public interest since its inception nearly 20 years ago. Positive psychology principles and ideas can be applied to a wide range of spheres, including schools, relationships, the workplace, the family home, and even
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positive aging

Positive Aging: 10 Positive Solutions to An Age Old Problem

Life expectancy has improved considerably during the past couple of decades, and an increasing amount of people are looking forward to twenty or more years of life after retirement. But the growing proportion of the elderly to the younger population provides both challenges and opport
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negativity bias

3 Simple Steps to Overcome Your Negativity Bias

Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar? You received overwhelmingly positive feedback for something (perhaps a school assignment, your performance at work, your outfit, etc.) yet you find yourself fixating on the one or two criticisms. You had an intense argument yesterday,
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The Spectrum From Introversion to Extroversion

“Introverts are dependent on their own inside noise, extroverts are dependent of outside noise. The outputs are dependent on the  quality of those noises.” – Amit K. Ghosh In recent years, the concept of Introversion vs. Extraversion has gained increasing popularity in modern media. U
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positive psychology podcast

Positive Psychology Podcasts: 5 Apps to Learn & Have Fun With

“Wisdom is not the product of schooling but the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein Are you a fan of podcasts? Do you like to use your time on the treadmill to learn new topics? Or perhaps you’re like me, and turn to the purple app while you̵
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Science Spirituality

The Science of Spirituality: 5 Ways to Build Your Spiritual Practice

“Spirituality lies not in the power to heal others, to perform miracles or to astound the world with our wisdom, but in the ability to endure with right attitude whatever crosses we have to face in our daily lives and thus rise above them.” – Sri Daya Mata For years
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Positive Psychology Degree: 13 Opportunities For Eager Students

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  – Nelson Mandela    The interest in positive psychology is rapidly expanding. Progress in scientific research is advancing our understanding of positive human functioning and there a
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