Are You Cultivating a Positive Institution?

Introduced at a key component of positive psychology, positive institutions strive to create schools and workplaces that facilitate the formation of strong moral character and emotional learning, alongside traditional academics. These institutions are reflective of Greek academies, in
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Be a Positive Leader: Effective Leadership for a Positive Organisation

JFK said “leadership and learning are indispensable from one another”   So what is it then, that separates effective leadership from middle management? Let’s explore a few behavioural practices that if implemented, would pay dividends to organisational culture.   Reveal your
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Job Crafting: The D. I. Y Approach to Meaningful Work

  “Employees can be competent designers of their work.” – (Wrzesniewski & Dutton, 2001).   Despite what you might think, putting additional tasks on your to-do list, playing tricks, taking shortcuts or doing something considered as ‘non-work’ might actually help yo
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positive leadership

Positive Leadership: Using Resilience to Lead Effectively

“A leader is a dealer in hope.” – Napoleon Bonaparte Resilience is one of the four parts of Psychological Capital, which are productive capacities designed to be trainable to increase the well-being of employees. The application of these four capacities can foster lo
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Corporate Wellness Programs: Are you Addressing Your Wellbeing Needs?

Seeing someone out running, or on a bike, or talking about going to the gym is just part of daily life.  But, it’s a relatively recent cultural change – seeing someone dressed in athletic gear, out running, say 50 years ago, would have been really odd.  This is partly because there wa
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Positive Relationships in the Workplace: Work is Social and So Are We

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller The landscape for work and careers is rapidly changing. For example, did you know, that in industrialized societies, roughly three out of four workers are now dedicated to service provisions such as transport
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Positive Organizational Development with Kim Cameron: “Steve Jobs Could Have Done Better”

He has come to Vienna on a mission. Kim Cameron, professor of Management and Organizations at the University of Michigan, hopes to enable a one percent improvement in the workplace by the end of today’s workshop. Cameron’s workshop is part of Seligman’s Europe Tour 2016 which took pla
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leadership activities

Leadership Activities: Implementing Positive Psychology in the Workplace

For many people, the workplace is a trial. It can be immeasurably stressful, and it can be immeasurably rewarding. Under the pressure of a deadline, it is possible to achieve one’s highest potential, yet it is also possible to fail spectacularly. Leadership activities, designed to pro
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organizational psychology

Organizational Psychology: Well-Being & Effectiveness in The Workplace

Organizational Psychology is currently on the rise in the realm of psychology, with exponential growth over the past few years. Organizational Psychology focusses on the well-being of CEO’s and employees in order to foster healthy minds and consequently enhance the standard of output
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leadership strategies

Leadership Strategies: 4 Ways to Lead with Positive Psychology

There is no shortage of leadership advice available for everyone from CEOs of major corporations to the managers of small stores; however, many of the resources available lack the perspective of Positive Psychology. “Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of y
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