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Self Efficacy Scale

Measuring Self-Efficacy with Scales and Questionnaires

21 May 2019
Self-efficacy is all about your belief in your own abilities as it pertains to dealing with various situations. Self-efficacy can play a big role in your life, impacting not only how you feel about yourself but also how successful you might be. According to Albert Bandura, an influent
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what is self-reliance

What is Self-Reliance and How to Develop It?

15 Apr 2019
Self-reliance is all that it sounds like plus considerably more. If not introduced to the world by Ralph Waldo Emerson, it was definitely brought to much popular public awareness by his 1841 essay Self-Reliance. In positive psychology, self-reliance has strong theoretical significance
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improve self-efficacy

4 Ways To Improve And Increase Self-Efficacy

09 Apr 2019
Self-efficacy is the belief we have in our abilities and competencies. Albert Bandura (1977), a pioneer humanist and father of the concept of self-efficacy, defined it as “people’s beliefs about their capabilities to produce designated levels of performance that exercise their influen
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What is self-image

What is Self-Image and How Do We Improve it? Definition + Quotes

22 Dec 2018
Self-image is yet another of the “self” concepts essential to understand in positive psychology. Although related to the others, it is a distinct concept that has its own place and its own importance. If you’re not sure what self-image is, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to le
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What is Self-Worth and How Do We Increase it? Definition, Quotes + 4 Worksheets

What is Self-Worth and How Do We Increase it? (Incl. 4 Worksheets)

06 Nov 2018
You’ve undoubtedly heard of the many, many “self-“ words. There’s self-esteem, self-compassion, self-acceptance, self-respect, self-confidence, self-love, and so on.  There are so many words to describe how we feel about ourselves, how we think about ourselves, and how we act toward o
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science of self-acceptance

Introducing the Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass©

29 Oct 2018
The Science of Self-Acceptance is an online, self-paced masterclass that will teach you how to best help clients and students suffering from an unhealthy relationship with themselves. We believe the Science of Self-Acceptance Masterclass© has the power to increase mental health by cha
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self-acceptance habit

The #1 Most Impactful Well-Being Habit That We Practice The Least

22 Oct 2018
Did you know that self-acceptance is one of the well-being habits that we practice the least, but that it’s the most impactful habit of all? A UK survey of 5,000 participants found that out of 10 key “Happy Habits”, participants engaged in self-acceptance the least; see the table belo
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19 Self-Acceptance Quotes For Relating To Yourself In A Healthier Way

02 Oct 2018
  “There is no greater suffering than constantly measuring yourself and coming up short, except perhaps the realization that your suffering is hurting others. But where do we learn these things? Because, really, they are learned. We don’t come crying out of the womb because
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What is Self-Expression and How to Foster It? (20 Activities + Examples)

06 Aug 2018
Do you ever stop to think about how you share yourself with others? We all have our own unique quirks and traits, and we all have our own preferences and style for sharing pieces of ourselves with those around us. You likely have a different level of sharing comfort with each person i
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What is Self-Compassion and Self-Love? (Definition, Quotes + Books)

What is Self-Compassion and Self-Love? (Definition, Quotes + Books)

20 Jul 2018
You’ve probably heard about the importance of loving yourself, forgiving yourself, and treating yourself with compassion. But is it really that vital? Can’t you get along just fine without all that mushy, touchy-feely self-love stuff? As it turns out, you can get along just fine—but y
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self-confidence self-belief

12 Tips For Building Self-Confidence and Self-Belief (+PDF Worksheets)

18 Jul 2018
“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford This classic quote from automobile magnate Henry Ford is a perfect lead into this piece. The topic is self-confidence and self-belief, two ingredients to a healthy and happy life. According to Ford,
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Woman Lying Down On Autumn Leaves

What is Self-Acceptance? 25 Exercises + Definition and Quotes

12 Jul 2018
Do you accept yourself? It might sound like an odd question; after all, what does it even mean to accept yourself? Don’t we all accept ourselves as a regular part of living our day-to-day lives? As it turns out, self-acceptance is not an automatic or default state. Many of us have tro
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Self-Confidence: 9 Essential Ways to Become More Self-Confident

What is Self-Confidence? + 9 Ways to Increase It

09 Jul 2018
“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” – E.E. Cummings The self-esteem movement has swept through Western culture over the past 50 years, with parents and teachers alike doubling down o
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What is Self-Regulation? Definition, Theory + 95 Skills and Strategies

What is Self-Regulation? (+95 Skills and Strategies)

03 Jul 2018
Why don’t we just do exactly what we feel like doing when we feel like doing it? This is a question that you might hear from kids, and it perfectly encapsulates what they “just don’t get” about adults. As adults, we pretty much have free reign to do whatever we want, whenever we want.
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What is Self-Motivation? 100+ Ways to Motivate Yourself (Definition + Quotes)

Self-Motivation Explained + 100 Ways To Motivate Yourself

25 Jun 2018
The best kind of motivation is self-motivation. You might not be intimately familiar with the term “self-motivation” but you almost certainly know this to be true. Think about two separate experiences you have no doubt had: You have something you “have to do.” You’re not excited or pa
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What is Self-Determination Theory? Definition and Examples (+PDF)

What is the Self-Determination Theory of Motivation?

21 Jun 2018
You may be most familiar with the term “self-determination” in the context of foundational government documents and speeches from people long-dead. It’s true that traditionally, self-determination has been more frequently used in a diplomatic and political context to describe the proc
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