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What is Self-Concept Theory in Psychology? Definition + Examples (PDF)

What is Self-Concept Theory? A Psychologist Explains.

07 Jun 2018
 Who are you? What makes you “you?” You might answer with “I’m a mother,” or, “I’m a therapist,” or maybe, “I’m a believer,” “I’m a good friend,” “I’m a brother.” Maybe you answer with, “I am excellent at my job,” “I’m an accomplished musician,” or “I’m a succe
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What is Self-Transcendence? Definition and 6 Examples (+PDF)

What is Self-Transcendence? Definition and 6 Examples (+PDF)

04 Jun 2018
Self-transcendence: it’s a term you’ve probably heard before. However, if you’re like me, you never had a good grasp on exactly what it meant. You might have a hazy idea of “transcending” being akin to “rising above” and think of the concept as rising above oneself, but you don’t real
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What is Self-Efficacy Theory in Psychology? Definition & Examples (+PDF)

29 May 2018
You’ve no doubt heard of self-efficacy before, but it might not mean what you think it means. Self-efficacy is not self-image, self-worth, or any other similar construct. It is often assigned the same meaning as variables such as these, along with confidence, self-esteem, or optimism;
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Self-Esteem in Psychology: a Definition, Examples, Books (+TED Talks)

What is Self-Esteem? A Psychologist Explains.

23 May 2018
“Believe in yourself.” That is the message that we encounter constantly, in books, television shows, superhero comics, and common myths and legends. We are told that we can accomplish anything if we believe in ourselves. Of course, we know that to be untrue; we cannot accomplish anyth
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62 Stress Management Techniques & Tips To Prevent A Burn Out

62 Stress Management Techniques, Strategies & Activities

23 Feb 2018
Something we sometimes learn the hard way is that it’s time to relax when you don’t have the time. But what if we don’t listen to our body? What happens if we continue slowly burning the candle at both ends until we reach physical and emotional exhaustion? Just like the candle itself
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Theory of Positive Disintegration 101: On Becoming Your Authentic Self

Theory of Positive Disintegration 101: On Becoming Your Authentic Self

04 Aug 2017
Do you ever wonder why some people go through a life-altering crisis only to come out the other side stronger and more at peace with themselves, while others fall apart and struggle to carry on? It’s hard to predict who will rise from a tragedy like a phoenix from the ashes and who wi
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self esteem worksheets

18 Self-Esteem Worksheets and Activities for Teens and Adults (+PDFs)

23 May 2017
We all experience moments of self-doubt and uncertainty. Even the most confident and happy people have moments where they think, “I’m such a failure.” It’s a part of being human. However, if you find yourself having these kinds of negative thoughts frequently or letting these feelings
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What is Self-Actualization? A Psychologist’s Definition [+Examples]

05 May 2017
The concept of self-actualization is best known in the field of psychology in the context of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. The decades-old idea is certainly an area of interest in modern psychology research, but many still only know it as the top of Maslow’s motivational pyrami
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Self awareness knowledge psychology

What is Self-Awareness and Why is it Important? [+5 Ways to Increase It]

02 Jan 2017
From the ancient Greek Aphorism “know thyself” to western psychology, the topic of self-awareness has been studied by philosophers and psychologists for the last century. In this article, we will cover what self-awareness is, how it can be beneficial in a therapy session, why it is di
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Carl Roger’s Actualizing Tendency: Becoming Who You Want to Be

16 Nov 2016
“Actualizing tendency” is a term describing an inherent tendency within ourselves to grow and reach our full potential. This is an a priori theory which depicts a fundamental construct of human nature—that we are all born with the ability to do great things and develop into the best v
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