Over the course of 2017, we’ve received 167 requests for collaborations, promotions, favours, complimentary products or workshops, writing forewords, joint-research projects, proof-reading, etc.

That’s one every 2 days.

However much we’d love to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs, the truth is that we can’t, because it would be impossible to run our own organisation.

We have a clear vision for how we want to help practitioners, teachers, and consultants help others with science-based positive psychology education and resources. In order to make progress towards this vision, we need to focus.

The method we stick to for keeping our focus is called “Essentialism“, inspired by Greg McKeown’s book by the same title. It’s message is simple and it looks like this:


We all have a limited amount of energy. The more distracted we are, the more smaller arrows we follow, the less progress we can make on the larger arrow, i.e. the big goal.

We have chosen to work towards the big goal. This means we have to say ‘no’ to all of the smaller arrows pulling us in different directions.

It’s nothing personal, we are really grateful for your offer, for thinking of us and for wanted to collaborate, but:

no 🙂

We hope you understand our reasons for it.

Who knows – maybe you’ll be interested to adopt an Essentialism-mindset yourself too!