A List of 26 Gratitude Exercises, Activities, Worksheets, Games, and Ideas

31 Gratitude Exercises That Will Boost Your Happiness (+PDF)

The power of gratitude is really quite extraordinary. We usually show our gratitude to others when we feel indebted to them, when we have benefitted from their actions, and when we want to make our feelings towards them known. Showing gratitude is sometimes a required or expected thin
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The PERMA Model: Your Scientific Theory of Happiness

Everyone seems to be in the pursuit of happiness nowadays. There are many ways to reach happiness, though including training your mind for happiness, spending money on others to promote happiness, and following the code to well-being and happiness. Most of us think we know what happin
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The Subjective Happiness Scale and Other Happiness Measures

Happiness is one of the most sought after dispositions. Regardless of culture, socioeconomic status and geography happiness appears to be universally recognized as presented by the World Happiness Report.  Despite the human pursuit of happiness, it still remains an elusive concept wit
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Life coach using PERMA Model

Happiness & Wellbeing Coaching with PERMA

In coaching settings, it can be extremely helpful to work from a theoretical framework or model. These can be used to guide clients through their thought process, explore the various aspects of the model and how it relates to the client’s experience, which leads to deeper insights and
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How Spending Money on Others Promotes Happiness

They say that money makes the world go ’round, and many people spend their lives trying to earn as much money as they can. But how does money interact with personal happiness? Though having enough money to live comfortably certainly contributes to happiness up to a point, studie
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