Positive Psychology courses sorted by continent and type:

North America

The Flourishing Center (Multiple locations, USA, Canada & Online)

The Flourishing Center (Multiple locations, USA, Canada & Online)

If you want to obtain a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, you can enroll in a course at the Flourishing Center. The 6 month-long course (200 hours) is structured in 6 modules: positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and vitality. There are cohorts starting in Boston, Chicago, Raleigh, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington, DC. CAPP is also available online for students outside the US & Canada as a 9 month program. Practitioners gets slides, worksheets, audio materials, videos and lots of materials to repurpose in the application of PP. CAPP grads can participate in continued education and be trained as coaches, facilitators and trainers.

Entry Requirement: / Where: USA, Canada, online. Dates: several dates. Duration: 6 months or 9 months. Price: $4,200 – $4,800.

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Kripalu Center (MA, USA)

kripalu center

Kripalu Center is offering the chance to obtain a Certificate in Positive Psychology, under the supervision of Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD, cofounder and Chief Learning Officer for Wholebeing Institute. The course is organized as a combination of on-campus and online programming, which takes place over eleven months. You’ll become familiar with the theory, tools and research in the field of positive psychology, thus being able to cultivate healthy personal and professional relationships, build affirming emotions and deal with painful emotions, develop positive self-regard and grounded optimism. Overall, you’ll improve your life, by becoming proficient when it comes to leadership, coaching, parenting, and teaching. Registration for this course is currently closed. The same course will be given in Latin-America in January 2017.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Kripalu Center. Dates: / Duration: 11 months. Price: $ 4,199.

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 University of Pennsylvania (PA, USA)

University of Pennsylvania MAPP

The University of Pennsylvania offers a Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) program, during which you will learn to apply the principles of positive psychology to your professional life. This program can also prepare you for advanced studies (PhD., M.D., J.D.). The MAPP program gives you the opportunity to meet and interact with a vibrant community of intelligent and well-prepared people, who share your interest in this field of study.

Entry Requirement: Bachelor Degree. Where: Philadelphia. Dates: spring, 2017. Duration: 1 year. Price: $26,250.

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Claremont Graduate University (CA, USA)

claremont graduate university

Claremont Graduate University is the first university in the Western United States, which offers a PhD and a MA program focused on positive psychology. A ‘Quality of Life Research’ was founded in 1999, since then giving the chance to conduct research on a large number of topics related to positive psychology. The M.A. program is presented as a ‘co-concentration in positive developmental psychology and evaluation’. The PhD programme concentrates on positive development psychology. Both these programmes aim to emphasize the importance of a better understanding of positive developmental processes and primary prevention, promotion, and optimization, instead of attempting to remediate.

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Positive Acron (OR, USA)

positive acorn positive psychology courses

Positive Acorn offers a positive psychology program. This package includes: a coaching skills course, a coaching wellbeing course and an applied positive psychology course. Dr. Robert Biswas-Diener and Dr. Laura Lewis Mantell give the pre-recorded lectures. There will be live meetings and coaching opportunities (practice skills with a partner each week). The courses are also available separately. You might be interested in this program if you work as a coach, manager, human resources professional, psychotherapist, counselor, educator and you want to maximize your skills, becoming an expert in helping others. Positive Acorn may be a solution if you are too busy to travel and attend the meetings, by offering distance-learning courses.

Entry Requirement: / Where: distance-learning. Dates: October 2017, May 2018. Duration: 6 months. Price: $3,300.

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New York open center (NY, USA)

new york open center

The New York open center offers you the chance to obtain the New York Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. This program is designed to give more in-depth information about the field of positive psychology. Module topics include: PERMA, positive emotions, strengths, wellbeing, psychotherapy and so on.

Entry Requirement:Where: New York. Dates: late September 2017. Duration: 6 months. Price: $3,275.

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Brown University (RI, USA)

brown university

Brown University offers a summer course called Positive Psychology: The Key to Happiness. This course aims to teach you all about the psychological aspects of a fulfilling life. Topics include mindfulness, happiness, love, creativity and so on.

Entry Requirement:Where: Brown University. Dates: July 24 – August 4, 2017. Duration: 1 week. Price: $2,596.

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Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy (online, Canada)

Wilfrid Laurier Univeristy (online, Canada)

Laurier’s fully online program is the only Certificate in Positive Psychology offered by a Canadian University. This five-module program was designed specifically for first responders, front line workers and those in the health care, teaching and social services professions, though our coaches and HR professionals are loving the program too. Learn how the scientific research and applied interventions of positive psychology can be used to increase your capacity for resilience, optimism and health. Resources include Signature and Character Strengths reports, memberships with the Positive Psychology Toolkit and the International Positive Psychology Association, and textbook and other online resources.

Entry Requirement:Where: distance learning. Dates: January 2017, October 2017. Duration: 10 months. Price: $3,875.

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The Langley Group Institute

langley group positive psychology courses

The Langley Group Institute runs a Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing in Australia (and New Zealand, UK and Canada with more locations coming soon). The Diploma (10030NAT) offers inspiring, practical and robust training designed for coaches, psychologists, educators and other busy professionals who want to learn how to apply positive psychology in their work and lives, informed by research and best-practice. Featuring university-level content in a flexible, self-paced format, the course combines intensive face-to-face workshops with online learning and work-based activities. Candidates can specialize in positive coaching, leadership, human resources, education, parenting or community, gaining the knowledge and skill to increase individual, business and collective wellbeing. The course is designed by Sue Langley and facilitated by seasoned positive psychology practitioners. It is the first government accredited Diploma in positive psychology and is approved by the British Psychological Society (BPS) Learning Centre for Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Entry Requirement: / Where: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK. Dates: several dates. Duration: 15 months. Price: AU$6,900.

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South & Latin America

International Applied Positive Psychology (IAPP) (Chile)

celappa The Latin American Center of Applied Positive Psychology (Celappa, in its spanish abbreviation) offers a postgraduate course in Applied Positive Psychology. Celappa is an academic entity founded in Chile with the purpose of providing professional advisory services, research and education within the educational, organizational, clinical and sports area. The requirements for the course is to have graduated with a degree in Social sciences, Education, or Health. The course is taught in Spanish.

Entry Requirement: Bachelor Degree social sciences, education or health. Where: Hotel Casino De Talca. Dates: 2016 Duration: 6 months Price: CLP990.000.

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Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico)

universidad iberoamericana puebla positive psychology programThe Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de Mexico offers a postgraduate course in Positive Psychology. The objective of the course is to get an insight into the latest research findings on psychological wellbeing. The knowledge obtained in this course can be applied to the students’ professional fields and should improve their own satisfaction, happiness and quality of life. Students from different fields are welcome, such as psychology, education, medicine and others. For further information you can contact the instructor Margarita Tarragona via email: margarita@grupocamposeliseos.com.

Entry Requirement: Bachelor Degree.Where: Mexico. Dates: / Duration: 105 class hours. Price: $32,600.

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Instituto de Bienestar Integral & Wholebeing Institute (Mexico)

instituto de bienestarInstituto de Blenestar Intergral and Wholebeing Insitute offers a chance to obtain a Certificate in Positive Psychology in Latin-America. The course is organized as a combination of on-campus and online programming, with duration of 1 year starting January 2017. The course is taught in Spanish and the on-campus module will be held in Mexico. You’ll become familiar with the theory, tools and research in the field of positive psychology, thus being able to cultivate healthy personal and professional relationships, build affirming emotions and deal with painful emotions, develop positive self-regard and grounded optimism. Overall, you’ll improve your life, by becoming proficient when it comes to leadership, coaching, parenting, and teaching.

Entry Requirement: / Where: online/Mexico. Dates: January 2017 Duration: 1 year. Price: $4,199.

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Instituto Chileno de Psicología Positiva (Chile)

chilena psicologia positiva

The Chilean Institute of Positive Psychology is offering you several programs and seminars in the field of positive psychology. They also give you the opportunity to obtain a Diploma in Positive Psychology or follow two different master programs.

The Diploma in Positive Psychology is mainly about the fundamental of positive psychology.

Entry Requirement: Diploma. Where: Santiago. Dates: January 13 – July 29 2017. Duration: 6 two day sessions in 6 months. Price: CLP1.650.000.

Positive Psychotherapy (NPM) is designed to train professionals in applying positive psychology and psychotherapy in their work field. This master is recognized at the World Congress on Positive Psychology last year and is a unique in its kind program.

Entry Requirement: Diploma in Positive Psychology. Where: Santiago. Dates: October 2015 – May 2017. Duration: 18 two day sessions in 19 months. Price: CLP5.850.000.

Positive Coaching (MPC) aims to teach you how to apply positive psychology strategies in the professional practice of coaching.

Entry Requirement: Diploma in Positive Psychology. Where: Santiago. Dates: January 2017 – March 2018. Duration: 12 two day sessions in 15 months. Price: CLP4.425.000.

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WorkMad Ltd (UK)

workmad making business human

WorkMad Ltd teaches professionals what positive psychology is and how it can be applied in the workplace. WorkMad offers two positive psychology masterclasses in the science of happiness, strengths and wellbeing.

Entry Requirement: /. Where: Bristol, UK. Dates: March 23-24, 2017. Duration: 2 days. Price: £575 + vat.

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Birkbeck University of London (UK)


The short course Critical Approaches to Positive Psychology focuses on topics as happiness and it causes, the psychology of flow, hope and optimism, positive self-esteem and self-efficacy. This course also teaches how you can apply positive psychology to mental health, education and businesses.

Entry Requirement: /. Where: London, UK. Dates: in January or april 2017. Duration: 1 week. Price: £500.

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Positive Psychology Training (UK)

positive psychology training

Positive Psychology Training in the UK has a variety of courses in positive psychology for practitioners, workplaces and communities including online courses. The company is run by Miriam Akhtar, a visiting lecturer on MAPP courses at UEL and the University of Lisbon. Miriam was one of the first positive psychologists in Europe and is the author of 'Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression' and a contributor to the World Book of Happiness. Courses include the Positive Psychology Masterclass for practitioners, which serves as a taster for the MAPP program, the Happiness Training Programme and the 2nd Annual Happiness Lectures. You can email her at: miriam@positivepsychologytraining.co.uk.

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City University London (UK)

University of London

Why not take one of the positive psychology courses in London, such as the short course at the City University of London? Generally, positive psychology has three central concerns: positive emotions, positive individual traits and positive institutions. You’ll learn how to understand positive emotions and experience contentment about yesterday, happiness in the present day and hope for tomorrow. You’ll be taught how to look for positive individual traits, like self-control, courage, compassion, curiosity, creativity or self-knowledge. Understanding positive institutions refers to the strengths that help the health of the communities, like justice, teamwork, responsibility, tolerance or parenting. You can apply this knowledge to your workplace, community or family.

Entry Requirement: / Where: City University London. Dates: October 2016. Duration: 10 weeks. Price: £430.00.

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University of East London (UK)

University of east london

The University of East London offers a MSc course called Applied Positive Pyschology & Coaching Pyschology both on campus and distance learning. This course is one of the very first in the world to combine positive pscyhology and coaching psychology, with a foundation in research and theory on wellbeing. The course includes topics as happiness, positive emotions, strengths, goal-setting, motivation, career guidance and so on.

Entry Requirement: Grade C in GCSE English and Maths. Minimum 2.1 honours degree, preferably in Social Sciences. Where: University of East London/distance-learning. Dates: January/September 2017. Duration: 1 year 6 months fulltime, 2 years six months parttime. Price: £9,360 (£1,560 online).

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Buck's New University (UK)

buckinghamshire new university positive psychology

The positive psychology part-time course offered at Bucks New University allows its students to explore cutting-edge ideas in this field, as well as a chance to further its development. This course might appeal to you if you’re active in the field of human resources, organization development, psychotherapy, counseling or teaching. The course encourages proper application of each student’s skills while studying the knowledge and applications of positive psychology. Applying these principles in student’s lives is focused upon, while the base of evaluations consists of personally chosen projects. Tutors from the university’s own psychology department, as well as guest experts will deliver this course in a professional, engaging and efficient manner.

Entry Requirement: 2:1 in a social science degree. Where: High Wycombe Campus and Missenden Abbey. Dates: September. Duration: 2 years. Price: £8,750.

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Positive Psychology Learning Ltd (UK)

positive learning

Positive Psychology Learning Ltd are the first UK based company to run positive psychology course in association with Bucks New University, one of only 3 universities in the UK that run a full MAPP programme. The company is run by Directors Dan Collinson and Lesley Lyle, both MAPP graduates from the first cohort on Bucks MSc Applied Positive Psychology course who have since become Associate Lecturers on the MAPP course at the university. They have a wealth of experience working in both the private and public sector for over 25 years. Delegates on Positive Psychology Learning courses receive a 10% discount of fees when they enroll on Bucks New University positive psychology courses which includes their new distance learning MAPP course.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Different locations. Dates: 2017. Duration: 2 days. Price: £650.

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Anglia Ruskin University, I-MAPP (Cambridge, UK)

imapp cambridge applied positive psychology

Unlike standard masters in positive psychology programs that take place in only one location, the I-MAPP program enables students to flexibly study applied positive psychology in two prestigious scholastic locales- Cambridge and Paris. This program is specifically tailored for the advancement of knowledge, research, and skills necessary for optimal positive psychology practice by offering a blended learning design composed of online lessons, research methods, and self-directed study over the span of 1 to 3 years. While enrolled in the program, students are prompted to select four learning modules from twelve available options, along with one quantitative or qualitative research module, and one major project.  Students are given the option of completing their studies either in Cambridge, in Paris, or both locations depending on what modules are selected.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Cambridge. Dates: January/September 2017. Duration: Full-time - January start, 15 months. September start, 12 months. Part-time - January start, 27 months. September start, 24 months. Price: £5,100-10,200.

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University of Glasgow (UK)

University of Glasgow

The Department of Psychology within the University of Glasgow provides a positive psychology course for its students. Steve Draper is teaching this course and on his webpage you can find a large amount of resources: articles, audio recordings, textbooks, useful links, and recommendations. During the course, topics like gratitude, flow, happiness, well-being and health are discussed.

Entry Requirement: B2 average over Psychology 2A and 2B. Where: University of Glasgow. Dates: 2017. Duration: 10 hours over a 5 week block. Price: 

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langley The Langley Group Institute runs a Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing in the UK and Netherlands (and Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand).

University of Bolton (UK)

University of Bolton

The University of Bolton offers a master in Positive Psychology. This program is designed for those who are working or want to work in the field of healthcare and education. This course includes modules about the foundations and practice of positive psychology as well as critical positive psychology and psychology dissertation.

Entry Requirement: honours degree 2.1 or higher. Where: University of Bolton, Deane Campus. Dates: January 23, 2017 or September 25, 2017. Duration: 18 months. Price: £5,400.

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Iron Mill College: Education & Training in Mental Health & Wellbeing (UK)

iron mill college

Iron Mill College offers a possibility to obtain a Foundation Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching. This course takes place in Exeter, one weekend a month over 6 months, starting January 21, 2017. Key features of this course are: coaching strengths, creating conditions for success and increasing creativity and resilience.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Exeter. Dates: January 21, 2017. Duration: 6 months. Price: £900.

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Inntal Institute (UK+ Germany)

inntal institut

Starting in February 2017 the Inntal Institute will offer the first certified on-site program in Applied Positive Psychology for Professionals in the UK.  Since 2013, Inntal Institute offers certified courses in applied PP throughout Germany. With more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business trainer and coach, Daniela Blickhan and her husband are uniquely positioned to understand exactly what people and businesses need. The course includes four onsite modules, consisting of four days each. Completion of the full program will result in certification as a Professional of Positive Psychology by the German Speaking Association of Positive Psychology.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Manor House in Godalming, Surrey. Dates: February-October 2017. Duration: 9 months. Price: £2900+VAT.

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Institute of Child Education and Psychology (Ireland)

institute of child education and psychology

The Institute of Child Education and Psychology offers three different Positive Psychology courses for a fee of €99. Teaching Hope & Optimism: Positive Psychology for Resilience focuses on the key practices for optimism and hope and helps you to cope with adversity. Teaching Happiness: Positive Psychology for Learning and Wellbeing explores topics as happiness, wellbeing, learned optimism, character strengths, preventing stress and burnout, increasing motivation and mindfulness. Building Strengths and Creativity: Positive Psychology for learning and living is about coping with everyday challenges and boosting your strengths and creativity. At the end of the courses, you’ll receive a Continuing Professional Development Certificate and a Learning Log.

Entry Requirement: / Where: The Institute of Child Education and Psychology. Dates: 6th February - 2nd April 2017. Duration: 20 hours of self paced study. Price: €99,-.

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University College Cork (Ireland)

university college cork

The University College Cork offers a master program called Applied Psychology (Positive and Coaching Psychology). This program included modules as: positive psychology and coaching, wellness coaching, positive psychology in group settings, positive organizational psychology and so on. The aim of this course is train students in helping people to become their best possible selves.

Entry Requirement: undergraduate honours degree. Where: University College Cork. Dates: 2017/2018. Duration: 1 year fulltime, 2 years parttime. Price: Irish/EU Full-time: €7,950.00 Part-time Year 1: €3,975.00. 

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IE School of Human Sciences & Technology (Spain)

ie school of human sciences and technology

IE Business School is one of the best business school in Europe according to The Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek. They offer an Executive Master in Positive Leadership and Strategy. This program includes modules in Positive Self-Development, Positive Teams and Organization, Positive Behavior and Business, Positive Economics and Organization Design, Positive Marketing, Negotiation and Strategy.

Entry Requirement: essay and recommendation letters Where: Madrid. Dates: April 2017 – May 2018. Duration: 5 weeks on campus during 1 year. Price: €47,200.

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Maastricht University (The Netherlands)

University of maastricht positive psychology

The program that Maastricht University (one of the best universities in the Netherlands) proposes is intended to offer both a familiarization with the concepts that underlie positive psychology as well as a more profound approach to this field. A Positive Psychology program at Maastricht University in the Netherlands will start in January 2017. The course offers the chance to practice a wide range of positive psychology intervention techniques (from simple journaling exercises to mindfulness meditation). Moreover, the program will help you learn how to design a research project on positive psychology. Through lectures, interactive meetings, practical workshops, group discussions, and student presentations, the attendants will become familiar with the field of positive psychology.

Entry Requirement: minimum GPA of 3.0. Where: Maastricht University. Dates: 5 January - 28 January 2017. Duration: 3 weeks (36 hours). Price: 

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Radboud Summer School (Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

radboud university summer school

The two-week program Positive Psychology: The Science Behind Flourishing Individuals and Organizations focuses on scientific research on positive psychology and the study of optimal functioning. Topics included in this course are the application of positive psychology, resilience, happiness, strengths, mindfulness and so on. The course offers a great mixture of the theory and practice.

Entry Requirement: bachelor. Where: Radboud University. Dates: August 7 – 18 2017. Duration: 2 weeks. Price: € 575.

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Positief onderwijs (The Netherlands)

positief onderwijs jacqueline boerefijn

Positief onderwijs (Positive Education) intends to apply findings from the academic field of positive psychology in the Netherlands, addressing young people in particular. By using the positive psychology model, the educational process becomes more friendly, the youngster increasing his chances to a successful and satisfying life. Positive Education promotes the focus on strengths, positive emotions, involvement, intrinsic motivation, positive relationships, empathy, and resilience.

New dates in 2017 coming soon.

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Universiteit Twente (The Netherlands)

universiteit twente

Universiteit Twente is organizing a master programme based on positive psychology theory and research (Positive Psychology and Technology). After graduating from this course, you’ll be able to work as a coach, counsellor or advisor. For the master’s thesis you can conduct a research by examining the effectiveness of some positive psychological interventions on the happiness and well-being of children and adults. Each of the courses included in this programme is offered twice a year.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Universiteit Twente. Dates: 2017. Duration: 1 year. Price: 

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Danish Institute for Study Abroad (Denmark)

Danish Institute for study abroad

Danish Institute for Study Abroad offers a course which combines the study of theory, research and application of positive psychology. The main topics that are going to be discussed are: positive emotions, flow, flourishing, character strengths, post traumatic growth and mindfulness. You’ll learn how to apply the principles of positive psychology into different areas, like coaching, psychotherapy, business development. In order for you to participate in this program, you need to have attended a psychology course at university level.

Entry Requirement: attended a psychology course at university level. Where: Danish Institute for Study Abroad. Dates: fall/spring2017. Duration: 4 months. Price: 

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Center for Positiv Psykologis (Denmark)

center for positiv psykologi

The Center for Positive Psychology in Denmark offers several courses based on the latest research in the field of positive psychology. The courses are all thought-provoking and give you useful knowledge about topics as coaching, leadership, personal strengths, motivation and so on.

Where: Denmark. Several dates, Duration and Prices.

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Aarhus University (Denmark)

aarhus university denmark

DPU (Danish Institute for Pedagogy and Education), one of the departments of Aarhus Universiteit, offers a masters in Positive Psychology. This program gives you a broad perspective on positive psychology including courses about individual strengths and wellbeing, education and management and organization. This program is for you if you are a manager, educator or if you are working in health care.

Entry Requirement: bachelor or master degree in humanities and two years of relevant work experience. Where: Aarhus Universitet Denmark. Dates: September 2016 – June 2018. Duration: 2 years. Price: 103.000KR.

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University of Zurich (Zurich, Switzerland)

university of zurich courses

The Section of Personality and Assessment at the University of Zurich, lead by Prof. Dr. Willibald Ruch, has been offering courses in positive psychology since 2003. Currently, basic concepts of positive psychology are fixed parts of the Bachelor's curriculum in Psychology whereas special courses are offered on M.Sc. level (e.g., on positive traits, or applied positive psychology). Furthermore, since 2015, a two-semester Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in a Positive Psychology-course (12 ECTS) is offered that focuses on teaching scientifically-based knowledge with regard to basics and applications of positive psychology with a special focus on positive psychology interventions and character strengths. This course is the first course on a university level to be offered in the German-speaking area.

Entry Requirement: master. Where: Universität Zürich Institut für Psychologie. Dates: fall 2017. Duration: 2 semesters. Price: CHF 7800.-.

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Positran Consultancy (Goupillières, France)

positran consultancy goupillieres

Directed by Dr. Illona Boniwell, one of the leading global researchers in positive psychology, Positran serves as a premier consultancy that strives to apply positive psychology to help resolve issues around the globe by providing customized consultations, education, and training to interested parties. Guided by the belief that focusing on positivity and potential facilitates human flourishing, Positran is dedicated to applying avant-garde positive psychology research findings to real-world settings in order to help clients obtain the highest level of excellence. Drawing from empirical evidence, Positran provides services in three formats depending on the needs of the client. Services take place in the form of mini sessions, midi workshops, or maxi programs that are spread out over the course of two years.

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Executive Master of Applied Positive Psychology (Lisbon, Portugal)

University of Lisbon EMAPPIn March 2012, James Pawelski, from Penn University, USA, launched the 1st edition of the Executive Master of Applied Positive Psychology (EMAPP) held in Portugal, at School of Social and Political Sciences (ISCSP), Lisbon University. 37 students enrolled, from very different backgrounds (economy, law, history, geography, management, psychology, sociology, social service…). Continue to article>>>

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Hong Kong Shue Yan University (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Shue Yan UniversityThe course Positive Psychology (PSY209) sets its focus on what is right with the human mind, in contrast to the traditional emphasis of psychoanalysis and modern practices on psychopathologies. The goal is to find out what constitutes a fully functional life and enhance the functioning of the mind, personality, emotions and human behaviour. The aim of the course is to clarify the distinction of Positive Psychology and traditional psychology and to analyse the influences of Eastern and Western perspectives on human wellbeing on Positive Psychology, and get an insight into research techniques valuable for this field. Moreover, it is of great importance to get an understanding of your own strengths and values and acquire knowledge that can contribute to your own wellbeing after the course. For more information contact Dr Ann Moir-Bussy via email: annmb@hksyu.edu.

Entry Requirement: / Where: HongKong. Date: semester 1. Duration: 15 weeks. Price:

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School of Positive Psychology (Singapore)

the school of positive psychology

School of Positive Psychology provides 3 part-time courses, after which you will receive a diploma. Psychology and Positive Psychology is a 12-month course based on theoretical and applied knowledge of both psychology and positive psychology.

Entry Requirement: GCE A Level/PEI. Where: The School of Positive Psychology Singapore. Dates: Intakes in Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct. Duration: 15 weeks. Price: SGD $9,000.

Applied Positive Psychology is a 12-month course based on an integrative approach, giving its students the chance to learn about how a human’s way of thinking, biological traits, social environment, social identity and relationships make him who he is.

Entry Requirement: GCE A Level/PEI. Where: The School of Positive Psychology Singapore. Dates: Intakes in Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct. Duration: 12 months parttime. Price: SGD $7,200.

The Applied Positive Psychology course for a graduate diploma looks deeper into implementing positive psychology applications for an increasing level of happiness and positive relationships.

Entry Requirement: Bachelor Degree. Where: The School of Positive Psychology Singapore. Dates: Intakes in Jan, May, Sep. Duration: 6 months parttime. Price: SGD $8,900.

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HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education (Hong Kong)

hku spaceThe HKU offers you to obtain an Executive Certificate in Using Positive Psychology in Coaching being taught in Cantonese with English teaching materials. The program aims to teach students the theoretical and practical fundaments of positive psychology coaching.

Entry Requirement: /. Where: HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Stanley Ho Community College Campus. Date: 2017. Duration: 10 weeks. Price: HK $9000.

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tafesa government south australiaTAFE SA offers the Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (10030NAT) and a Course in Wellbeing and Resilience (10271NAT) as nationally accredited qualifications. The Diploma is a 12 month course exploring the application of positive psychology in a personal and workplace context, and the underpinning science and research. Participants complete six core competencies and choose two electives to complete the Diploma requirements.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Mount Barker. Dates: 2017. Duration: 12 months. Price: $6,900.

The Course in Wellbeing is delivered by interactive workshop over three days and is a practical application of the PERMA+ framework and skills to improve personal wellbeing. TAFE SA also delivers non-accredited professional development to a wide range of industries to improve staff and organisation wellbeing through application of positive psychology.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Adelaide City. Dates: Feb, April, June, nov, 2017. Duration: 2 days. Price: $700.00.

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University of Sydney

university of sydney

University of Sydney offers a Coaching Psychology Program, which consist out of a master course, diploma and certificate courses focused on coaching in business and organizational settings. Moreover the University of Sydney offers several courses in Positive Psychology. Graduate Certificate in Coaching Psychology:

Entry Requirement: A minimum result of 7.5 overall and a minimum result of 6.0 in each band. Where: Camperdown/Darlington. Dates: March 2017. Duration: 1 year parttime. Price: $30,000.00.

The Graduate Diploma in Coaching Psychology:

Entry Requirement: A minimum result of 7.5 overall and a minimum result of 6.0 in each band. Where: Camperdown/Darlington. Dates: March 2017. Duration: 1 year fulltime. Price: $30,000.00.

The Master of Science in Coaching Psychology:

Entry Requirement: A minimum result of 7.5 overall and a minimum result of 6.0 in each band. Where: Camperdown/Darlington. Dates: March 2017. Duration: 1 year fulltime. Price: $30,000.00.

The Philosophy of Happiness (PHIL2647) will discuss the definition of happiness from a philosophical point of view.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Camperdown/Darlington. Dates: March 2017. Duration: / Price: $793.

Applied Positive Psychology (PSYC4730) teaches how positive psychology can be applied to coaching in work contexts.

Entry Requirement: / Where: Camperdown/Darlington. Dates: March 2017. Duration: / Price: $793.

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Langley Group Institute

langley groupThe Langley Group Institute runs a Diploma of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing in Australia and New Zealand (and Canada, United States, Netherlands and UK).

University of Melbourne

University of Melbourne

The Master’s course offered here intends to provide the attending students with the necessary knowledge and skills to competently utilize positive psychology principles. The course emphasizes critical thinking and promotes scientific methods, while empirical research is evaluated in order to find best-practice processes. The course focuses on engaging the students in a variety of both theoretical and applied tasks, involving them in multiple learning tools such as debates, case studies, journaling, and role plays, as well as encouraging them to apply what they learn to their own daily activities. At the end of this Master of Applied Positive Psychology, students will possess a solid sense of professional integrity and the necessary knowledge to successfully apply positive psychology.

Entry Requirement: undergraduate degree/professional experience/postgraduate study. Where: Parkville campus. Dates: February 2017. Duration: 1 year. Price: $34,240.

The university offers also a Professional Certificate in Positive Psychology, which includes topics about positive emotions, relationships, engagement and meaning.

Entry Requirement: undergraduate degree and 2 years work experience. Where: Parkville campus. Dates: February – May 2017. Duration: 6 days in three months. Price: $5,984.

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University of Tasmania

university of tasmania

The course Positive Psychology & Leadership focuses on how to apply positive psychology in the workplace. Topics include leadership, self-management and creating a healthy workplace.

Entry Requirement: /. Where: on campus and off campus. Dates: February – June 2017. Duration: 6 months. Price: $2,674.00.

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Master of Positive Psychology, MAPP (Potchefstroom, South Africa)

master of positive psychology potchefstroom

Located at the North-West University on the Potchefstroom Campus in South Africa, this masters program strives to bestow students with knowledge regarding cross-contextual applications of Positive Psychology in order to help enrich the lives of others within the span of four consecutive weeks per year. The program examines key areas of interest in positive psychology such as positive emotions, the experience of meaning, optimism, and resilience. Students will have the ability to refine their research skills as they explore these topics within the ever-diverse context of human development and culture. The MAPP program at North-West University strives to uphold the conviction that recognizing one’s strengths and potential is essential to facilitating human growth.

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Online Learning

The Flourishing Center (Online Track)

The Flourishing Center (Online Track)

If you want to obtain a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, you can enroll in a course at the Flourishing Center. The 6 month-long course (200 hours) is structured in 6 modules: positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, achievement and vitality. CAPP is also available online for students outside the US & Canada as a 9 month program.

Where: USA, Canada, online. Dates: several dates. Duration: 6 months or 9 months. Price: $4,200 – $4,800.

Visit the website.

VIA Institute on Character (online)

via institute on character

The VIA Institute on Character is a non-profit organization founded in 2001. The idea behind the work of the Institute was set by Martin Seligman and Neal Mayerson who were looking for general and universal definitions of “positive individual traits” in association with Positive Psychology. Nowadays, the VIA Classification of character strengths and virtues and the VIA Survey are known and widely used by researchers. Several courses are offered by the VIA Institute:

  • Character Strengths at Work: Using strengths to engage employees, clients and students
  • Character Strengths at Work - Part 2: Advanced Practice
  • Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP)
  • Personalized character strengths coaching
  • Developing Effective Teams: Using strengths to improve engagement, performance and satisfaction

Where: online. Several Prices.

Visit the website.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong: Happy@Work

Chinese University medicine hong kong

The course is very flexible, since each class lasts only 60-90 minutes and you can take it at any time during the five-week online course. It is entirely up to you to decide the level of dedication towards the course, since there are no grades, nor any homework evaluations. At the end, when all lessons are completed, you will receive a certificate of completion. The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Employers’ Federation of Hong Kong proudly present to you the first online positive psychology programme tailored for working population in Hong Kong. Funded by the Food and Health Bureau, the programme consists of four sessions, 15 to 30 minutes each. Participants can log in and practise anytime anywhere once a week. And you will find the difference in yourself! Continue>>>

Where: online. Dates: online. Duration: 5 weeks. Price: no fee.

Visit the website.

Jerusalem University (Israel)

HabitsOfHappiness jerusalem university

Jerusalem U offers a course called ‘Habits of Happiness: Positive Psychology & Judaism’ and promises to have a lifelong impact on the way you understand yourself and your personal relationships. The course is delivered by world-renowned Positive Psychology expert and former Harvard University lecturer Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. On the website of Jerusalem U you have also access to some helpful materials, like videos and articles about positive psychology, such as Introduction to positive psychology and Judaism, Dynamics of personal change & development, Permission to be human, Personal Goal Settings, Mind-Body connection, Self Esteem, Focusing on the positive, new ideas for self improvement, Dealing with challenges, Interpersonal relationships, love and sexuality.

Where: online. Dates: online. Duration: 6 weeks. Price: free for students, otherwise 35,99 dollars dvd series or 29,99 dollar 8 weeks online access.

Visit the website.

The Whole Being Institute

The Whole Being Institute

If you’re looking for a shorter, more focused course, then Tal Ben Shahar's Introduction to Positive Psychology Course online course might be for you. During this 5-week course, you will understand the basic principles of positive psychology, how to benefit from expressing gratitude and accepting your own and others’ emotions, and how to maintain such changes, eventually transforming them into positive habits. The course is very flexible, since each class lasts only 60-90 minutes and you can take it at any time during the five-week online course. It is entirely up to you to decide the level of dedication towards the course, since there are no grades, nor any homework evaluations. At the end, when all lessons are completed, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Where: online. Dates: online. Duration: 5 weeks. Price: $295.

Visit the website

Positive Psychology Training (.co.uk)

positive psychology trainingPositive Psychology Training offers a series of short courses in this field, which are recommended for both personal and professional growth. The courses can be held in your firm, molded to your organization’s needs. The options are varied and you can find a course or workshop on almost every particular field you’re interested in: Positive Psychology Masterclass, Happiness Workshops, Positive Psychology at work, Positive Psychology Online, Resilience for the Recession, Positive Leadership Masterclass. The content of each of these courses will be delivered to you through personal coaching sessions.

Where: online. Several Prices.

Visit the website.

Rmit University

RMIT University positive psychologyRmit University offers an online course on the ‘Happiness and Positive Psychology’, coordinated by Dr Lydia Ievleva. If you want to reach a basic understanding of the science of positive psychology and happiness and how it impacts the health and well-being, this online course might be a good option. At the end of the course, you will be able to: distinguish between myth and fact for happiness and well-being factors (based on research), analyse core concepts of this field like: ‘happiness and well-being’, ‘optimal experience and flow’, ’character strengths and virtues’, ‘learned optimism’, ‘resilience’, ‘mindfulness’, ’kindness’ and ‘gratitude’. You’ll also learn how to apply the PERMA (Positivity, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement) Theory of Psychological Well-being.

Where: online. Dates: semester 1 Duration: / Price: /

Visit the website.

Zone Positive

Zone positiveZone Positive comes with an online course which aim is to explore the findings and applications of positive psychology. You can access this course if you’re interested in actualizing your potential, increasing your productivity and enhancing your overall sense of meaning and fulfillment in life using positive psychology. Each course consists of an online video (about 60-75 minutes) and you can put it on pause every time you need to do the practical exercises. The price of a course is $58, but there are also some free videos available.

Where: online. Dates: online. Duration: 75minutes. Price: $58.

Visit the website.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

katholieke universiteit leuvenKatholieke Universiteit Leuven makes available an online course on ‘Counseling and Coaching in existential wellbeing. You’ll be taught to concentrate on physical, social, and personal values, like health, strength, happiness, success, power, belonging, love, integrity, freedom, authenticity, truth, and wisdom, which will help you to obtain the well-being and satisfaction in life. The whole course extends to about a year. Each participant will decide how to organize the monthly 20 hours of studying period.

Where: online. Dates: online. Duration: 1 year. Price: free of charge (certificate $49,-).

Visit the website.

University of Missouri

university of missouri

The University of Missouri offers you the chance to obtain an Online Master’s Degree in Positive Coaching. This 30-credit hour program is perfect for athletic coaches, classroom teachers, club and organization advisers, counselors and administrators. MU also offers a 15-credit hour Online Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology. This program emphasizes applied interventions and theory in building thriving individuals, families, communities and organizations.

Visit the website.

UCLA Extension

ucla extension positive psychology course

UCLA designed an online course, named ‘Happiness: Theory, Research, and Application in Positive Psychology’. During this course you’ll be introduced to the positive psychology theory through lectures, readings, papers, and in-class exercises. You’ll find out that happiness can be measured and be trained to do that; you’ll learn about the factors which can determine you to become happy, about strengths and virtues, the role of positive emotions, relationships and resilience.

Where: online. Dates: January 9, 2017. Duration: 3 months. Price: $775,00.

Visit the website.

Unlock yourself


This online training program is based on the multidisciplinary scientific work of Dr. Anna Huysse-Gaytendjieva and brought to you by The Charter for Compassion Education Institute. The training consists of 8 weeks filled with theory and practice. Every participant has an opportunity to work on an individual plan to develop their own capacities and resilience.

Where: online. Dates: online. Duration: 8 weeks. Price: $149.00 USD.

Visit the website.

Profit from the Positive Certificate Program

profit from the positive

This program is led by Senia Mayhim and Margaret Greenberg, authors of Profit from the Positive. This certificate program is for coaches, managers and consultants who are interested in leadership and engagement content and in how they can apply positive psychology to their team or organization. The online course starts January 26, 2017 and is offered at two different time slots. For ten weeks there will be one 90-minute session delivered live every week.

Where: online. Dates: January 26, 2017. Duration: 10 weeks. Price: $2,995 USD.

Visit the website.

The Pursuit of Happiness: bringing the science of happiness to life

the pursuit of happiness ppp

This online certificate program is a three week course which concludes two live webinars, practical assignments, online discussions and a certification of completion. The key topics are: causes of happiness, fighting depression, definition of happiness and so on.

Where: online. Dates: January 14, 2017. Duration: 3 weeks. Price: $295 USD.

Visit the website.

Zur Institute: Certificate Program in Positive Psychology

zur institute

Zur Institute gives you a chance to obtain a certificate in positive psychology. This program includes courses about the foundation of positive psychology, the new science of happiness, aging, positive cinema and pros and cons of positive psychology. You can also buy these courses separately.

Where: online. Dates: online. Duration: / Price: $234.00.

Visit the website.

School of Coaching Mastery

school of coaching mastery

School of Coaching Mastery is offering the chance to obtain a Positive Psychology Certificate. This is an 8 hours online course for coaches who are interested in learning more about coaching and positive psychology.

Where: online. Dates: several dates. Duration: 4 weeks. Price: $575USD.

Visit the website.

Salt Lake Community College

salt lake community college

Salt Lake Community College offers a program in Positive Psychology. You can get a certificate if you complete 5 out of 10 courses they offer. In general this program is about how positive psychology can be applied to personal life and the workplace. For instance you can follow the course Coping with Challenging People, Enhancing Happiness and Life or Positive Psychology and Change.

Visit the website.

CQUniversity (Australia)


The Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology course at CQUniversity aims to teach how applying positive psychology strategies can improve the mental health of a society. This course includes topics about positive emotions, relationships, optimism and wellbeing and resilience of groups, organizations and individuals.

Entry Requirement: Bachelor degree. Where: Distance learning. Dates: March – July 2017. Duration: 5 months. Price: fee differs per enrollment.

Visit the website.

Cape Breton University (Canada)

cape breton university happen

PSYC3303: Positive Psychology is an open online course offered by Cape Breton University. This course is about how to live well and it explores exercises that enhance well-being. The instructor is Dr. Peter MacIntyre.

Where: Online. Dates: January 4 – April 4, 2017. Duration: 3 months. Price: free.

Visit the website.

Colorado State University (USA)


PSY 300 Positive Psychology aims to give more information about the research and theory of positive psychology. The course includes topics as strengths, happiness, flourishing, meaning and well-being.

Where: Online. Dates: January 17 – May 7, 2017. Duration: 16 weeks. Price: $1,332.

Visit the website.

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Audio and more

International Positive Psychology Association

international positive psychology association

The 'International Positive Psychology Association' offers an alphabetized list of many universities whose faculties have positive psychology classes and also a list with positive psychology faculties.

These two lists are not comprehensive or entirely up do date, but contain a lot of useful information.

Visit the website. 

The Happiness Training Plan

the happiness training plan

‘The Happiness Training Plan’ is created by Dr Chris Johnstone and Miriam Akhtar in the form of a self-help audio programme. Its aim is to enhance your level of happiness by using positive psychology techniques whose efficiency is already established. The audio programme is delivered as a CD, condensing a lot of interesting facts about positive psychology into 12 easy-to follow strategies. Each of these 12 strategies requires only about 5 minutes and it’s recommended to listen to the whole CD and after that, to practice only one, maximum two strategies at a time. The CD’s price is (only) £10.

Visit the website. 

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The Science of Happiness

science of happiness mooc edx uc berkeley“The Science of Happiness” is the first MOOC to teach the ground-breaking science of positive psychology, which explores the roots of a happy and meaningful life. Students will engage with some of the most provocative and practical lessons from this science, discovering how cutting-edge research can be applied to their own lives. Created by UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, the course will zero in on a fundamental finding from positive psychology: that happiness is inextricably linked to having strong social connections and contributing to something bigger than yourself—the greater good. Students will learn about the cross-disciplinary research supporting this view, spanning the fields of psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, and beyond.

Where: Online. Dates: January 3, 2017. Price: free or €43,- to get the certificate.

Visit the website.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

university of north carolona at chapel hill

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created an online course about Positive Psychology. Barbara Fredrickson, director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology, teaches this course. She will share her knowledge of the field of positive psychology in a six-week online course. Included study-topics are positive emotions, love and connection, flourishing, resilience and so on.

Where: Online. Dates: January 16, 2017. Duration: 6 weeks. Price: free or €43,- to get the certificate.

Visit the website.

Foundations of Positive Psychology online coursepenn positive psychology center

Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center and Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman will be launching a MOOCs about the foundations of Positive Psychology. You can sign up to receive more information about the launch date.

Visit the website.

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Summing up

These courses will give you the theoretical ground in order for you to have a better understanding of how emotions works, but even better, they will teach you how to make changes in your life, family, organization or community. You’ll be able enjoy life more, to be more optimistic, happy and creative, thus improving your health. All you have to do is choose the kind of course that fits you the best and start on your path to happiness.

Take part!

In case you know of any positive psychology courses, workshops, trainings, webinars, audio tapes, MOOCs or the like, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thank you!

  1. Sarah Coriat Reply

    Bonjour Steph,

    I would like to share a new adventure: an IMAPP has strated this year at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. It is available part-time or full-time (a year). Each module is a full week. Students choose four modules from the twelve options available, followed by one research module (quantitative or qualitative) and a major project.

    I have started and I am very excited about it. I live and work in France so the format fits fine.

    more info: http://www.anglia.ac.uk/study/postgraduate-taught/applied-positive-psychology

  2. Oldooz Reply

    Hi Mr Zolphgharifard.I’m so glad to see a persion name in this page.I’m living in Iran and I have a master degree in cognitive psychology from ICSS.l like to study in online positive psychology master courses.I don’t know which center certificate is valid in Iran and It’s important for me that how much it’s cost.can you help me to find my way?

  3. Gemma Sandwell Reply

    The Langley Group Institute offer a fantastic diploma in Positive Psychology I am really surprised this isn’t mentioned here!http://langleygroupinstitute.com/diploma-of-positive-psychology/

    • Seph Fontane Pennock Reply

      That course is mentioned three times on this page Gemma 😉 Try performing a search using Ctrl + F and searching for ‘Langley’. Sue is a very inspiring woman whom I’ve been promoting from the start. Thanks for the heads up anyways!

  4. jasleen isher Reply

    it’s sad that india is not in the list of countries where this is taught.i m really interested in this.please do tell me if there is any such institute in india that offers this course.

    • Steph Diepering Reply

      Hello Jasleen.

      We are busy refreshing our courses page and will look into the Indian options.

      In the meantime, I would suggest researching the Indian Assocation of Positive Psychology at http://www.iapp.org.in/. Hope this is helpful and watch this space for our updates.

      Best of luck,

  5. Luisa Plasencia Reply

    There is a Diploma course at Nacional Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, FES Iztacala) taking place since 2009, this year is running the 6th Generation with 240hours of studies on Positive Psychology.
    The Iztacala Group is the organization of this Diploma course. The Group Iztacala is form by researches, families therapies and psychologist with a important background.

    Thank you

  6. Melanie Reply

    I can’t find it now but there was at least one comment lamenting that there is no online option- there is! I have been doing mine through UEL, the lecturers are wonderful but the administration is beyond horrendous. I’m leaving at Grad Cert level because I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. This is not a unique experience unfortunately.

    When we were going through the worst of the ‘administration issues’ this course came up on our cohort’s fb page as an option, which I believe is also fully online-

    I don’t know anyone who’s done it so can’t comment on it, but I’m fairly neutral on the UEL one- I wouldn’t recommend it because of the level of issues, but also wouldn’t discourage anyone from going ahead if they’re equipped for the fight. Hopefully our cohort has brought the issues to attention and they may actually fix some things, but I do recall reading a lot of ‘don’t do it’ online when I was originally looking at UEL, and thought ‘how bad can it be?’ Silly question.

    • Michelle Reply

      Hi Melanie,

      Thanks for your post. Would you be willing to get specific about the kinds of administration issues you and others experienced at UEL? I’m seriously thinking about applying to this program and doing the distance learning option.

  7. Cameraman Reply

    Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful article.
    Many thanks for supplying these details.

  8. Bas Reply

    I consider to start with positive psychology master next year at anglia ruskin university. This one looks really good. Are their people who already have done this master? If so please tell me how it was.

    I also want to look for the best course in positive psychology between may and august. Just to get familar with this subject. If someone has some good information, please provide?

  9. Josephine kimaili Reply

    thank to keep me updated have learned a lot from positive psychology

  10. Uzma Reply

    I am Uzma, from Pakistan. I am doing MS in clinical psychology. I started studying about positive psychology just a few months back. I am interested to do masters in positive psychology. Plz guide me about online masters degree or affordable positive psychology programmes in other countries especially turkey…thank you

  11. Maike Baumann Reply

    I would like to point your awareness to the first german Positive Psychology Program offered at university-level.
    Dr. Anke Handrock founded at the private german university “Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin” the institute “Steinbeis-Transfer Institut für Positive Psychologie und Prävention” und offers certfied courses in Positive Psychology on all levels (german website: http://www.pp-praevention.de/).
    We would be very happy if you included the program on your website, please get in touch for more information.
    With best wishes for a happy new year, yrs sincerely, Maike Baumann

    • Stephanie Diepering Reply

      Hello Maike,

      I would be very happy to add this to our courses page. Thank you for filling us in!! What courses are you offering for the 2017 calendar?

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